Sound PIece FOr POrtsea 

A wide range of groups and individuals gave up their time to participate in the  Portsea Sound project this summer to help create a community sound piece. The piece recorded voices, stories and sounds from the Portsea area and it was displayed in a sound boat in the John Pounds Centre Cafe in September (now at Boathouse4, Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth)

Tullis, Laura, Rob and Inti edited hours of sound recorded based on themes that emerged and participants listening sessions on what should be included. We hope that everyone will be excited to hear the final result!

For more info and further suggestions for sounds indicative of Portsea email Laura at

Thanks to our amazing participants:

Brenda Tregarthen and the John Pounds Centre Youth Group

The two Junes, Avril, Rita and Pat

The Adventure Playground at the John Pounds Centre

Chaos (Lauren, Sam, Ellie, Lucie, Naomi, Michael and all the fabulous Havant members)

BYAC at the Charles Dickens Activity Centre (Paul Weston, Mark, Rocco, George, Connie, Konnie, Kendall, Tilly, Nevaeh, Lou, Dolli, Aaron, Matt and Georgia)

Louis Faith at Premier League Kicks

Rob from Food Cycle

Pierre and Tina Allison

All the participants of the Sea Shanty Workshop

Caroline, Danny, Sophie, Becky and Knotty at Boathouse 4

David, Julia, Nancy, Hannah and everyone on the beach at our beach afternoon